Color Restoration - 2004 Honda S2000

2004 Honda S2000.jpg

This Honda S2000 was restored using two methods. We started by dabbing on a base coat of dye using a paint sponge, with two very light coats. This worked well to fill I dye to some of the deeper cracks. Next, and airbrush was used to feather in 3 very light coats over the repair area and blend in with the rest of the seat, which still looks very good. If you're looking to touch up your Honda, you'll be happy to know we have extensive data on Honda colors going back to the early 90's. Click here to order touch up dye for your vehicle! 

Steering Wheel Restoration - Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon Steering Wheel Restoration.jpg

This steering wheel was worn and some of the plastic discolored from UV Damage. Here's the process to do this yourself:

  • Clean the area to be restored thoroughly. If you're planning on re-dyeing the entire steering wheel, just give the whole thing a very thorough scrub with a Scotch-Brite pad and some water-based cleaner. 
  • Prep the steering wheel leather with some denatured alcohol -- this will make the existing finish slightly tacky and ready to accept new leather. Make sure to mask off the surrounding area, as dripping alcohol can discolor plastic, vinyl, or leather that didn't need restoring.
  • The steering wheel may need some light sanding with 400 or even 600 grit sandpaper to smooth out any damaged or pitted areas.
  • Mask off very thoroughly the areas that won't be receiving new dye.
  • The best results will come from either airbrushing new dye or using a Preval sprayer. Some customers have had good success with a paint sponge, but it takes quite a bit more patience.

Please note that if you're wanting to pick up new dye for your steering wheel, it can be very difficult to match if the steering wheel is not the same color as the leather seats, as trim documentation is far less thorough than leather seat documentation. If you do have a matching steering wheel and want to touch it up yourself, navigate to our direct purchase page by Clicking Here, and make sure to note that this is a steering wheel application in the "additional comments" field.