Touch Up Your Car's Leather

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Upper Bolster Leather Dye Repair

Custom professional-grade leather dyes matched to your VIN and made for your make and model shipped to your home. Touching up wear and discoloration yourself is an affordable alternative to paying a craftsman to come do it for you.  Just enter your VIN, color description, and color code (if available), and we'll find the exact match for you.

BMW Center Console Color Restoration

Beautify and Restore Your Leather and Vinyl

With the right color and a few basic pieces of equipment, you can touch up and restore your vehicle yourself. Over 2,600 custom leather dyes available for Audi, BMW, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and many others.

No More Confusion

No More Confusion

Accurate and Simple

It's a pain in the neck and a waste of time to make you try to determine your leather color yourself. All I need is for you to enter a few details (such as Year/Make/Model, VIN, and suggested color) and I'll do the rest. Do you know the difference between Cornsilk, Light Beige, and Cream? No? Well I do, and you shouldn't have to do the guesswork by yourself.

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Clear Instructions You Can Follow In Your Driveway

  • How to prepare leather and vinyl for touch-up
  • How to apply the leather dye (rub on, sponge, or spray)
  • Tips on how to increase the life of your leather
Professional Grade Auto Leather Dye
from 25.75

Custom blended leather dye matched to your VIN.

When you click "PURCHASE" you will be prompted to enter the VIN # of the vehicle and a description of the leather color to help ensure an exact match.

Instructions for preparation and application will come enclosed with bottle of dye.

This Leather and Vinyl Dye can be rubbed on, applied with paint sponge, or with Preval Airspray gun.


4oz - will touch up about 2-4 seats, or dye one entire chair

8oz - will dye two entire chairs, or touch up a 4-door sedan

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