Color Restoration - 2006 Ford Explorer


Some overzealous scrubbing had scoured off some of the color on this Ford Explorer’s passenger seat. Fortunately, we carry the last for this car’s two-tone seats (Medium Light Stone bolsters with Medium Dark Stone inserts).

By the way, this is just after the first coat! The dye was applied using a foam paint sponge.

Are you looking for touch up dye for your Ford? Follow this link for more information:

Color Restoration - 2011 Acura MDX


A customer just sent this in - damage to the passenger seat disappeared! Dye was applied using a small paint sponge. This is just after two coats - - very impressive! If you're looking for leather touch up dye for your Acura, follow this link - - 

when you order, you'll be prompted to enter your vehicle's VIN # and interior details. When you order, we'll make sure to get you the exact right dye for your vehicle.  

Color Restoration - 2007 Lexus RX350


This stain was fixed by cleaning the seat and applying dye to the damage in the center of the cushion. Back to perfection in about half an hour! If you're looking for leather dye for your Lexus, or for almost any other make and model, navigate to

Color Restoration - 2007 Mercedes S550


This gives you a great example of how effective the foam paint brush method can be. This seat had a few trouble spots, but essentially the entire seat bottom and seat back needed some love. I started with 3 light coats on the outside panels of the lower and upper bolster, and then 2 more light coats along the entire seat surface to even the whole thing out. If you're looking to touch up the seats in your Mercedes, or for dozens of other major manufacturers, follow this link for more information: